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MORGAN HILL PILATES is a bright, boutique studio located upstairs in the Classic Square Building on Monterey Rd. (between Tennant and Dunne next to the car wash) in Morgan Hill. Established in 2016, we offer privates, semi privates, small group apparatus classes, in a private upstairs location.

Our staff is compassionate, welcoming and dedicated to your success! Using over 10 years of experience, our skilled instructors are able to adapt to your needs while focusing on your exercise precision and progressing towards your goals, whether you chose to  work with us one on one or in a group. 

If you choose to join a class, we will provide you with a reserved spot (if preferred and available), so you are never fighting to attend a class and can rely on a consistent workout routine which in turn will lead to results!

 We offer a fun, friendly, non competitive atmosphere of individuals who encourage, support, and motivate each other no matter where you are at on your fitness journey. What better way to inspire you to keep going than enjoying what you do and who you do it with!


Personal Attention

We are a boutique studio and truly care about YOU! We work closely with you to find the right path to help you reach your goals.

We are available to assist you with scheduling needs, home programsor any other questions you may have. Our group classes are kept small so we can offer personal attention and customization to help you feel your best!

Adaptability/ Reliability

We believe each person is unique, there is no one size fits all. Perhaps you are new to exercise and don’t know where to start; or you have had an injury leaving you with fear around movement. We hear you, and we embrace your individual experience and adjust the exercises to fit your needs and help you learn what works for you. We strive to provide a positive experience surrounding movement; if something isn’t working, we don’t give up, but rather, we try a different way.


We believe having a place you can go to find like minded people, who have similar experiences and similar goals is important.

Our studio offers a safe place for people from various walks of life, to come together with a common goal while having fun and supporting each other along the way!



Our goal as movement professionals is to provide accountability, knowledge and autonomy, so as you get stronger and learn more about how the body works, you can also feel confident in your abilities to move with ease and joy.  




JULIANNE SCOLES (Owner/ Senior Instructor)

I have a passion for teaching and my goal is to help you learn how to move well, so you are able to live healthier more functional lives, and continue doing the things you love! I am motivated to help you achieve your goals by working with YOUR body, as each person is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. I’m able to adapt quickly if something isn’t working, so you can leave feeling accomplished and empowered! I have over 12 years of teaching experience, as well as 2 years working under a physical therapist which has greatly shaped my approach to teaching. 


NIKI ADAMS (Master Teacher/ Senior Instructor)

Nikki’s been teaching Pilates for over 11 years now. She is excited to safely help clients dive deeper & further strengthen their Pilates Practice with the freedom to teach the entire Pilates repertoire as Joseph Pilates intended. In addition to her Pilates Certifications, she has taken an extensive amount of Continuing Education Workshops to keep her Pilates & Fitness Knowledge current to industry standards & trends.


JOSIE JACOBS (Certified Pilates Instructor)

Josie is a Pilates Instructor who’s background in fitness originated in Yoga. After seeing the undeniable and truly life-changing results Pilates reformer training provided for clients, she began her Pilates education over the last 4 years with Balanced Body. She hopes to help empower clients with the confidence and strength they need to do the things they love. When she isn’t teaching, she is hiking with her dog, or finding a way to be active outdoors. She is originally from Michigan, and just relocated from Indiana.


DEBORAH MORTON-PADILLA (Apprentice Instructor)

With nearly 20 years of personal practice (both Mat and Reformer), Deborah decided to pursue Pilates certification through Balanced Body.  She has completed all the course work and began student teaching in March 2022.  She loves Pilates and how it has improved her own body, movement, and strength.  Including overcoming a 2 year struggle with sciatic pain.  As a Human Resources Executive focused on professional and personal development, teaching Pilates allows her to combine development expertise with commitment and belief in the benefits of Pilates.  Deborah has lived in Morgan Hill for more than 30 years and enjoys hiking, cooking, and her two crazy Boston Terriers.



Pilates, originally called "Contrology", was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s and includes over 500 exercises to build core strength, muscular balance, and flexibility. Pilates also concentrates on coordination of breath, postural alignment, spine, pelvis and shoulder stabilization, while moving and working the body as a whole.  It is a low impact form of exercise that utilizes body weight, specially designed spring based apparatus and props.  It is safe and effective for beginners as well as challenging for advanced exercisers and athletes. Practicing Pilates is easy on the joints, strives to work the body in varying positions and can focus on pure fitness, rehabilitation, sports improvement, stress relief and more.


Equipment:Balanced Body Reformers, Springs boads, Wunda Chairs, Cadillac, Ladder barrelProps include:Rollers, Oov, Magic Circles, Balls, bands


Rae R.


“She has always structured her program to fit the needs of each of her clients, no matter the class size. Which bring me to “class size” she keeps small intimate instruction so she can give each and every one a more one on one experience even while in a group setting. She is mindful of how your body is feeling on the day of class and also is considerate of any long term/short term injuries that need special attention. " 

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