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Dedicated to helping you move well, reducing daily aches and pains, leaving you feeling strong and confident in YOUR body!

Specializing in  privates, semi privates and small group classes with a customized approach


We aim to provide accountability, knowledge and autonomy, so as you get stronger and learn more about how your body works, you can feel confident in your abilities to move with ease and joy.

When you work with us you will experience... that you can continue to do the things you need and love; sitting at work, walking the dog, gardening, hiking, keeping up with your kids and/or grandkids or whatever it is that makes you happy!


Find Your Strength

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Carolyn H.

“Thier workouts are never boring or repetitive. They can teach a multi-level skill classes and everyone leaves feeling like they got a good workout.  Don't miss out on this Morgan Hill Gem!!."

Donna Z.

"I have been going there for over 8 years and during that time I went through back surgery. Julianne was a huge help in my recovery. She is so knowledgeable about the body and she knows exactly what I should and should not do with my condition."

Pamela R.

“They always asks before class starts if anyone is having pain so she can suggest an alternate position or movement to help. Working with MHP has increased my strength immensely and greatly reduced my back pain..”
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