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“I love this place and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I have been a client of Julianne for close to 3 years and she has always structured her program to fit the needs of each of her clients, no matter the class size. Which bring me to “class size” she keeps small intimate instruction so she can give each and every one a more one on one experience even while in a group setting. She is mindful of how your body is feeling on the day of class and also is considerate of any long term/short term injuries that need special attention. I really can’t say enough of how wonderful the experience is and the special bond created between Julianne and her clientele.”


“Going to Morgan Hill Pilates has been one of the best decisions ever! I have been going there for over 6 years and during that time I went through back surgery. Julianne was a huge help in my recovery. She is so knowledgeable about the body and she knows exactly what I should and should not do with my condition. She is very attentive to each person in her class and will make sure that they are doing exercises correctly to avoid injury. With the condition of my back my doctor was amazed that I am not in pain. He told me that Pilates is keeping me going, and I credit that to Julianne. 

She also always keeps things new and fun. Every class is always different, and after six years I am still learning new exercises. She has a great variety of equipment, and the space is set up very well. The studio is clean and nice. I feel extremely welcome and comfortable every time I am there.”


“If you are constantly or even intermittently struggling with back pain, this gentle program to strengthen your core and play a major role in protecting your back is the ticket. I cannot say enough about what Pilates has done for my back and overall physical health. Talk about freedom to move!!!”



“I have been working with Julianne for over 3 years now and I cannot speak highly enough of her and her studio. Not only is the studio beautifully equipped and Covid safe, Julianne is as knowledgeable and talented instructor as they come. She understands how the body works and considers each of her clients individual needs, even in a group setting. Julianne has made my body stronger and more flexible, which has helped in all aspects of my life. I cannot recommend her strongly enough!!! She is amazing.”  




“This Pilates studio has the best instructors in the south bay area. (I have tried several Pilates studio around the Bay Area.) I got injuries from doing other kinds of exercise, but not from Pilates. I think that the instructor really makes a big difference. Highly recommend this studio!”




“I cannot say enough about Morgan Hill Pilates! I have been going twice a week for 3 or 4 years! I can honestly say that Julianne has been amazing helping me with flexibility, strength, body confidence and shoulder issues.

I have gone from poor posture and zero flexibility to having my friends comment on my excellent posture! Julianne and Morgan Hill Pilates have been a LIFE CHANGER for me. I tell her all the time!”



"I began working with Julianne Scoles at Morgan Hill Pilates in the summer of 2018. I had just turned 70. I wanted to improve my flexibility and balance and work on straightening a bend in my upper spine and neck. I had successful back surgery about 30 years ago but did have occasional back stiffening.   

I have averaged about twice a week in some group sessions but mostly one-on-one.  With COVID, we switched to one-on-one via Zoom in March 2020. My frequency has stayed at about twice a week, but as often as four sessions in a week. After we moved from Morgan Hill to Portland I have continued with Julianne and expect to continue this indefinitely, that is, unless Julianne and her family want to move to Portland after COVID! 

My progress has been significant on my original goals of flexibility, balance and straightening. But significant core strengthening, and even better back health have been a pleasant surprise. Another unexpected surprise has been a generally improved sense of well-being—feels like 5 to 7 years have been knocked off my age.  

Maybe most importantly, Julianne has a remarkable ability to tailor our sessions to my needs as they change from day-to-day or month-to-month, and she does all this while being personable, warm and funny."




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