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Pilates Fundamentals Workshop

Join us to learn what pilates is all about! 

Whether you are new to pilates or have been practicing for years, this workshop will refresh your understanding of the pilates foundations enhancing your movement potential and practice!

When: Feb 18th 2024 11am - 1pm

Cost:  $50 


This is an interactive workshop with limited space (12 people) , where you can ask questions and get individualized attention and feedback; working both on the mat and with the apparatus, allowing you to leave with a strong understanding on the following concepts:


  1. Breathing patterns

    1. Post lateral breath for sustained abdominal contraction

    2. Pump breathing or chest breath to assist with Thoracic Extension

    3. Diaphragm breathing to aid in relaxation and deepening stretches

  2. Pelvic Placement

    1. The difference between “imprint” and “neutral” and why either placement may be a good choice for your body.

  3. Scapular Movement & Stabilization

    1. Protraction & Retraction, Elevation & Depression, Upwards rotation & downwards rotation 

    2. The role scapular movement plays in relationship to the rib cage and arm movements

  4. Posture

    1. Head & Cervical alignment 

    2. Rib Cage Placement

    3. Foot Knee Ankle Alignment

  5. Core Activation

    1. What muscles make up your CORE, and how do they work to support pilates movements 

  6. Movements of the Spine

    1. Flexion/Extension

    2. Lateral Flexion

    3. Rotation


* Registration in advance required

* Must have 6 people signed up by 2/4 for the workshop to take place. 

Email Julianne at for more information or to reserve your space! OR click the button below and register through Mindbody, workshop sign up can be found under "enrollments".

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