Introductory private

Intro Private Single  -   $50

*strongly recommended for all new clients so we can discuss goals, introduce you to the equipment and what Pilates is, and come up with a personalized recommendation. 

pay as you go

Privates Single -  $100

Privates 10 Pack -   $900
Semi Private Single -  $60 (per person)
Semi Private 10 Pack-  $550 (per person)
Group Class Single -   $45
Group Class 10 Pack  -  $400

*Families may share session credits

*Credits are valid for 6 months

*24 hour cancelation policy (may result in loss of credit)

monthly auto renewal

Private 4x /month  - $340

Private 8x /month  - $640
Groups 4x/month  -  $148
Group 8x/month     -  $288
Group 12x/month   -  $420

*Families may share a memberships

*Credits are released monthly

*Allows scheduling of recurring classes with guaranteed placement

*Intended for long term, regular attendance (minimum 3months, plus vacation cancelation)

*24 hour cancelation policy (may result in loss of credit)


Rae R.

“She has always structured her program to fit the needs of each of her clients, no matter the class size. Which bring me to “class size” she keeps small intimate instruction so she can give each and every one a more one on one experience even while in a group setting. She is mindful of how your body is feeling on the day of class and also is considerate of any long term/short term injuries that need special attention. "