**New clients must go through an introductory session before being able to join classes**


*email us for our Private and Semi Private availability*

Our classes will challenge you to develop core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance. The wide range of exercises provides a stimulating workout for clients at any level of ability. The small class size ensures personal attention, customization and guidance to keep you safe, focused and appropriately challenged.


Please note that all of our classes will be organized at the discretion of the instructor and interest of the clients, and may utilize some time on the mat or different equipment to ensure the best class experience.


8:30am Intermediate Apparatus (Julianne)

9:30am Intermediate/Advanced (Julianne) 

10:30am Beginning/Intermediate (Julianne) 

11:30 Mixed Level (Julianne)


9am Intermediate (Nikki)- comping soon

10am Mixed Level (Nikki) 


9am Intermediate (Nikki) 

10 am Beginning/Intermediate (Nikki)

6pm Intermediate (Julianne)


8:30am Advanced/Intermediate (Julianne)

9:30am Intermediate (Julianne) 



9am Intermediate/Advanced (Nikki)

10am Beginning/Intermediate Apparatus (Nikki)

11am All level (Nikki)


8am Advanced (Julianne) 

10am Mixed Level (Julianne) 



Rae R.

“She has always structured her program to fit the needs of each of her clients, no matter the class size. Which bring me to “class size” she keeps small intimate instruction so she can give each and every one a more one on one experience even while in a group setting. She is mindful of how your body is feeling on the day of class and also is considerate of any long term/short term injuries that need special attention. "