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Dedicated to helping you move well, reducing daily aches and pains, leaving you feeling strong and confident in YOUR body!
Offering one on one and small group classes with a customized approach



Here at Morgan Hill Pilates, we recognize that each body is unique. We take into consideration your current health goals and any past or present injuries/conditions and design a Pilates program that helps you reach those goals and feel your best!

We aim to provide accountability, knowledge and autonomy, so as you get stronger and learn more about how your body works, you can feel confident in your abilities to move with ease and joy.


When you work with us you will...


  • experience a total body workout improving posture, strength, flexibility, & balance

  • restore breath patterns to help ease tension and stress

  • gain an understanding of how your body works

  • receive personal attention and feedback to get the most out of your exercises

  • Learn exercises and stretches to do at home to help you progress &/or manage any discomforts that you can continue to do the things you need and love; sitting at work, walking the dog, gardening, hiking, keeping up with your kids and/or grandkids or whatever it is that makes you happy!


 What better way to give yourself the gift of a renewed sense of well- being?! 

We have confidently worked with clients ranging from beginners to seasoned athletes, as well as those experiencing back/neck pain, bulging disks/herniations, stenosis, sciatica, arthritis, joint replacement, pregnancy, pelvic floor issues, shoulder issues, and much more!

*Please note that we cannot diagnosis injuries and our scope of practice is in knowing how to safely and effectively work with your condition and alongside your medical practitioner.


We've Expanded and Remodeled! Come visit us and see our beautiful new space





“ She is very attentive to each person in her class and will make sure that they are doing exercises correctly to avoid injury. She also always keeps things new and fun. Every class is always different, and after six years I am still learning new exercises. She has a great variety of equipment, and the space is set up very well. The studio is clean and nice. I feel extremely welcome and comfortable every time I am there.”



“If you are constantly or even intermittently struggling with back pain, this gentle program to strengthen your core and play a major role in protecting your back is the ticket. I cannot say enough about what Pilates has done for my back and overall physical health. Talk about freedom to move!!!”



“I can honestly say that Julianne has been amazing helping me with flexibility, strength, body confidence and shoulder issues.

I have gone from poor posture and zero flexibility to having my friends comment on my excellent posture! Julianne and Morgan Hill Pilates have been a LIFE CHANGER for me!”


Rae R.

“She has always structured her program to fit the needs of each of her clients, no matter the class size. Which bring me to “class size” she keeps small intimate instruction so she can give each and every one a more one on one experience even while in a group setting. She is mindful of how your body is feeling on the day of class and also is considerate of any long term/short term injuries that need special attention. " 

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