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  • Recommended for all new clients prior to joining classes

  • Discuss goals and concerns 

  • Learn what pilates is and how is can work for you

  • Introduction to the apparatus


  • Recommended for those new to Pilates, recovering from injury or have ongoing conditions that needs special attention

  • Allows you to learn and move at your own pace so you can become comfortable with the equipment and Pilates movements

  • Tailored specifically to your needs and goals

  • Focus on gaining greater awareness of the movements and knowledge of your body



  • 2-3 people

  • Great for friends or family that want to work out together in a private environment (studio does not supply partner)



  • Class size limited to 5 people MAX, allowing for individualized attention so that your needs and goals are being met

  • Each class may use one or all pieces of Pilates equipment (mat, reformer, springboard, chair)

  • Classes organized based on level/pace

  • Allows you a group experiences without sacrificing personal attention

  • When you join a class, we will provide you with a reserved spot (if preferred and available), so you are never fighting to attend a class and can rely on a consistent workout routine which in turn will lead to results!

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